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...and a lifetime of Passion for bowhunting, and the land he calls 'Home'... no wonder Glenn "Smitty" Smith runs such a successful operation. His Brush Country Bowhunting has loyal, repeat clients from all over the world.

For almost 40 years, experienced owner and guide Glenn Smith has been providing guests with high quality hunts for whitetails, hogs, javelina, exotics and bobwhite quail. And now he offers bowfishing excursions, with a good chance at a monster Alligator Gar!

South Texas, commonly referred to as Brush Country, boasts some of the highest concentrations of game and non-game species in the entire state.

Archery season usually begins on the last weekend of September. It runs through mid-January for trophy bucks followed by a two week late season spikes and does.

Semi-guided hunts are conducted year round from our clean, air conditioned camphouse. We have year-round corn & protein feeders on 2400 acres of South Texas brush country near Freer, Texas.

During deer season you are allowed 1 buck, 1 turkey, 1 hog, and 1 javelina per booking plus unlimited varmints. From February through September you are allowed 2 hogs and 1 javelina plus unlimited varmints.

NOTE: To maintain and grow the healthiest herds of deer possible, our ranch is working closely with state biologists on management. This year, there will be NO HUNTS FOR DOES... until the biologists finish gathering and processing the current data.

And remember, at Brush Country Bowhunting, there are NO KILL FEES on deer, hogs, javelinas & varmints.

Almost 40 Years Of Experience

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Brush Country


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